Bass Lessons in Argyle, TX

Bass guitar is an incredibly fun instrument that packs a punch! “What’s the difference between bass guitar, and a regular guitar?” Glad you asked! Whereas a normal guitar has six strings, bass guitars have four – the same as the first four strings of a guitar, but dropped down an octave lower. While many concepts and techniques overlap between bass & guitar, bass has it’s own unique style that adds a lot to a song and to a band! For beginner bass lessons, we’ll get you started with these bass-ics (get it?) – bass vocabulary, scales & intervals, how to count rhythms, how to read music & charts, tablature, introduction to music theory, tuning, finger pedaling, beginner songs, and lots more!

Are you already playing bass or have you had lessons in the past? Right on! We’ll pick up where you left off and take you to the next level. For bassists in need of intermediate to advanced bass lessons, we can work on: advanced scales & shapes, ambitious songs, hammer-ons, pull-offs, slides, integrating pedals, kick-drum syncopation, add voice training, performance training, playing in a band, and much more!

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