Drum Lessons in Argyle, TX

Drum Lessons in Argyle Texas

Want to learn how to play the drum set? Is your student interested in and/or about to start percussion in school? Is your student currently on the drumline or in jazz band in school? We do it all here at Note Culture Music School, no matter what your goals are as a drum & percussion student! Whether you’ve never picked up a pair of sticks, or you’re already playing at school or in a band – we have the right teacher for you to take you to the next level. Many junior high & high school percussion instructors, band directors, and drumline teachers are wary about private drum lessons because unfortunately many music schools lack drum teachers who have had formal training and they let bad habits slide through – doing more harm than good. However, at Note Culture – you’re in luck! We’re loved by those same band directors and percussion instructors because we teach the same things they do. You’ll have an experienced drum teacher who will teach your student all the proper techniques and develop a skill set that sets them up for success at school. For beginner drum lessons, we’ll get you started with these basics – drum vocabulary, how to count rhythms, how to read music & charts, grip technique, fraction math, beginner songs, common beats & grooves, simple fills, rudiments, and more!

Drum Lessons

If you’re already drumming, or in percussion at school – awesome! We’ll determine where you’re at and plan our next steps to take you to the next level. Whether you want to focus on drum set, marching snare drum, or how to play the cowbell – we’re confident we can equip you to achieve whatever goals you may have (: For intermediate to advanced drum lessons, we can work on – advanced beats & fills, executing good taste, ambitious song-play, songwriting, drumline cadences, jazz, gear-talk, set charting, playing in a band, and much more!

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