Guitar Lessons in Argyle, TX

Argyle Guitar Lessons

Whether you’re looking to get started on an acoustic guitar or an electric guitar, we have the right teacher for you! Guitar is an incredibly versatile instrument with many different styles of play. We’re confident that whatever goals you’d like to set as a guitarist, we’ll partner with you to make sure you reach them! For beginner guitar lessons, we’ll get you started with these basics – guitar vocabulary, scales & chords, basic music theory, tuning, strum patterns, how to count rhythms, how to read music & charts, tablature, chord progressions, beginner songs, and plenty more!

Guitar and Band Lessons in Argyle

Already play guitar or have had/are currently taking lessons? Sweet! We can assess where you’re at, and set a path from there that will further equip you on your quest to becoming a proficient guitarist. For our students that are coming in for intermediate to advanced guitar lessons, we can work on – advanced chords & shapes, barre chords, soloing, songwriting, scales & modes, integrating pedals, add voice training, performance training, playing in a band, and lots more!

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