Ukulele Lessons in Argyle, TX

The ukulele is a small, guitar-like instrument that is so much fun to learn! It’s a great starting point for students who are younger and want to play a stringed instrument, voice students/singers who want to add an instrument to their repertoire, and of course anyone who simply wants to have fun learning a sweet, lively instrument (: For beginner ukulele lessons, we’ll get you started with – ukulele vocabulary, scales & chords, basic music theory, tuning, strum patterns, how to count rhythms, how to read music & charts, chord progressions, beginner songs, and more!

Do you already play ukulele but want further training to reach the next level? Perfect! We’ll pair you with a teacher that will partner with you to reach any goals you may have. For students that are seeking intermediate to advanced ukulele lessons, we can teach – advanced chords & shapes, soloing, songwriting, add voice training, performance training, playing in a band, and lots more!

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