At Note Culture Music School, we are committed to providing our students with the very best teachers who love music & love teaching. We tailor our lessons to each student to meet their specific goals, and to have fun along the way.

There is simply no substitute for 1-on-1 lessons with an experienced music teacher. Working with one of our skilled instructors will ensure you don’t develop any bad habits or things you’ll have to “unlearn” later.

School Concerts:

Twice a year, we host concerts for our students to perform songs they’ve been working on for their family & friends. It’s completely voluntary, but we really encourage all students to give it a shot – it’s a fun, low-pressure environment and a great way to get your foot in the door of live performance. Whether music will simply be a lifelong hobby, or something our students pursue professionally – our concerts are a blast for everyone involved!

Band Program:

Is your student interested in playing in a band with other music students? Wonderful! We can match them with other students similar in age and musical ability and work with you as a group. In addition to making new friends and having fun, learning how to play with others is an invaluable experience that we love to offer! We can even explore songwriting, branding, and facilitate & coordinate the band playing live music.

Worship Program:

Is your student interested in worship leading, or getting involved in worship at their church? Right on! We have teachers who serve as worship leaders at their churches and can help guide your student down the path to becoming proficient in music ministry. We teach how to serve in humility, how to be a member of a team, how to prepare, and pass on all sorts of insight from our experience in the realm of praise & worship!


Is your student already a skilled musician, but is looking to get into songwriting? We can help! Whether as a supplement to their instrument lessons, or our sole focus – we have experience in songwriting, arranging, and even copy-writing. We will teach tricks that help with the creative process, idea-mapping, and combating writer’s block. We can also do things like help add other instruments to your student’s original songs!

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